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X4 Labs Penis Extender Product Analysis

Bringing you another analysis of a very popular item on the men’s health marketplace: The X4 Labs Penis Extender

A long penis that has a wide girth is every man’s dream.

With one, a man is able to satisfy all the sexual desires of their partner.

It comes with better stamina and sexual desire.

Having a big penis makes a man feel manly and improves the self esteem and respect. So, would you like to have a big penis? The x4 Lab penis extender is the product to use. But what is this product?

What on Earth is the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

The X4 penis extender is a traction device whose development is backed by scientific research.

It is developed by X4 medicals and is one of the most comfortable penis extenders ever developed.

There are different kinds of extenders that fit penises of any shape and size.

Whether you suffer from micro penis or Peyronie’s disease, there is an extender that will be ideal for you.

The Various Parts of the X4 Extender

The x4 labs penis extender has a base ring, tension bars and the head piece.

The X4 Labs extenders come with a 3 in 1 hybrid support.

There are 8 patent pending slots that offer a good fit and support system.

There is also a 4 slot hybrid support where fasteners are held to increase the stability and comfort. For short penises there is a long 8 slots support available. There are different types of fasteners that one can use to firmly secure the extender in place.

These are dual silicone tubes, dual comfort straps and dual UltraFit Velcro.

The antibacterial memory foam used in the extender makes it very gentle on the penile skin.

The standard base included in this device has a big room of up to 6 inches in girth.

For bigger girths they can get bigger bases sold separately. There is a spring that is to be used to create tension needed. The springs used are very strong and provide a tension that is easily adjustable.

How does the x4 lab penis extender work?

It applies the principle of traction.

For it to work, it needs to be placed on the penis with the shaft’s end going through the tension bar’s top towards the head piece.

Just behind the head of the organ is the rubber strap which tightens securing the device. The elongation rods should then be turned in the clockwise direction and the penis will be stretched. The device needs to be used for about six hours a day.

It can be won even during the day as a man goes on with his day to day activities since it tags the penis downwards and no one will notice it.

What is the Science Between the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

With the constant stretching, the cells on the penile tissue are stimulated.

In reaction the cells undergo cell division which causes the production of many cells. The increase in the cells making up the tissue results in an increase in size. The length and girth of the penis is hence increased with the use of this device.

How long should you wait to see any significant results?

This will depend on how long you wear it on a daily basis. With the recommended use, men can expect to gain 40% length (about 4.5cm) and 25% in thickness in 6 months. Another benefit is the correction of curved penis. The results are permanent.

How to Diagnose and Treat Prostate Cancer Quickly

In most men, prostate cancer grows very slowly and most men will never know they have the condition.

Prostate cancer can be deadly but can be cured if it’s caught early enough or it may take a lifetime to run its course.

At an advanced age, the risks of surgery for prostate cancer or other more radical treatments may actually be worse than the disease.

What is a Cancer Tumor and How Do I Know if I Have One?

Men have traditionally been less likely to seek medical attention than women, especially for minor problems which often serve as warning signs for more serious underlying illness. Prostate cancer is characterized by ‘grade’ and ‘stage’; grade is given to indicate how quickly a cancer is growing – the higher the grade, the more likely it is that cancer will grow and spread rapidly and the size and extent of the tumor will determine its stage.

Most prostate cancer symptoms, although associated with prostate cancer, are more likely to be connected to non-cancerous conditions. There may be other symptoms not mentioned here. There are several symptoms you should be aware of.

Additional symptoms that may be associated with this disease are bone pain or tenderness, and abdominal pain. Blood in the urine or semen and frequent pain in the lower back are often symptoms of cancer.

How Many Cases of Prostate Cancer Are There a Year?

Unfortunately, millions of cases affecting men are not diagnosed until they visit their doctors for a routine physical exam. The reason is that symptoms related to the disease are not noticeable during the beginning stages. As a result, there is little motivation to visit the doctor. Once a doctor suspects that a patient may have prostate cancer, he or she may suggest a number of different tests diagnose the condition.

A rectal exam is normally performed first; the doctor will insert a gloved finger into the patient’s rectum to identify irregularities in the shape or size of the gland. A prostate-specific antigen test (or, PSA test) involves studying the patient’s blood for the presence of PSAs.

A doctor may also suggest a transrectal ultrasound. A small device is inserted into the patient’s rectum and uses sound waves in order to build a picture of the gland. Finally, a biopsy is performed if the doctor is reasonably sure that the disease is present.

Ok, How Exactly Do I Get Rid of Prostate Cancer Tumors?

In general, the treatment options very much depend on whether the cancer cells have actually spread or not. If the tumor is still inside the prostate gland, then a radiation therapy or a surgery called radical prostatectomy is the common treatment options.

There are two types of radiation therapy, the first is external beam and the second is a radioactive pellet. External beam is performed by using an x-ray machine while radioactive pellet uses a high concentration of radiation directly to the prostate tumor.

The most common side effect of this therapy is impotency that can happen around two years after the patient undergoes the procedure.
Radical prostatectomy is a common surgery to treat prostate cancer.

The goal of the procedure is to remove the whole prostate gland and the nearby lymph nodes. Patients who undergo this surgery are put under general anesthesia. Then after the prostate is removed, a catheter is put in through the penis into the bladder to carry the urine out of the body until the surgery area is completely healed. The common risks related to the surgery are impotency and lack of bladder control.

Watchful waiting is another option of treatments and basically, it involves a doctor that supervises the development of a slow-growing prostate tumor. The procedure is conducted without any specific drug or treatment, but only uses regular medical supervision. In this case, the doctor waits for the tumor to grow by checking the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) level regularly. If the doctor does not see any further growth, then further treatment is not needed. However, if it does grow, then hormone therapy usually is the next step.

How Can I Prevent Prostate Cancer in the First Place?

The androgen male hormone is one of the factors responsible for the growth of the prostate tumor. Therefore, the goal of a hormone therapy is to reduce the level of androgen and thus make the tumor to shrink over time. You should always remember that all prostate cancer treatments discussed here have pros and cons. It is important for you to understand each of them so you can receive the most suitable treatment for your particular condition. You should consult with your doctor before you select any of these treatments.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender: How It Works

I’m going to introduce a new device a client of mines asked me about and will give my profession opinion on the product.

Penis extenders like Sizegenetics have been sold online for many years now, and they are becoming more and more popular with men who either want to increase the size of their penis or correct a disease known as Peyronie’s Disease.

Cure for the “Bent Penis

It hurts when you get an erection and is nearly impossible to have sex with this disease.

Then you adjust the brace to pull or stretch out the penis.

Because there are so many people researching Sizegenetics and wanting to know how it works, I have created this review of the device to go over what it is and how to put it on and how long it takes to work.

The concept is simple: put on this brace or “penis extender” and attach it to the end of the penis.

This crippling disease is a “bend” in the penis where scar tissue has built up to cause the penis to curve.

Wearing this item 8 hours per day for six months causes the tissue inside of the penis to grow slowly. This slow growth is proven in several studies to result in increased size of the penis permanently.

How the SizeGenetics Extender Works

The Sizegenetics extender is a simple yet sophisticated device.

So how does it work?

The SizeGenetics extender stretches the penis and holds it taut.

It is easy to use, easy to operate, and yet it incorporates a design that has never been used before outside of physical therapy.

You will discover that not only does it lengthen your penis, but it will also make your penis thicker as well, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing view.

Over time, your body will start to “fill in the blanks,” that is, the skin and muscle will begin to stretch to accommodate the stretched tissue.

Because doctors have shown that the Sizegenetics works, they have outlined protocols on how to use the device.

Put it on for 2-hour increments and then take it off for 15 minutes for a total wear time of 8 hours every day.

Other Auxiliary Treatments to Make Sure You Do

Here are some other things you should make sure you’re doing in conjunction with the SizeGenetics.

You should apply some vitamin E oil on the penis at the end of the day and massage the penis each time you pull it out of the SizeGenetics.

If you want to get the most efficient gains, you should take a multivitamin and quit smoking if you do smoke.

Also, you should take one day off per week for maximum effectiveness.

This day off helps the penis heal much faster.

This helps heal the tissue.

This is the best formula for success.

This is no scam or a new age fad.

Can You Also Gain Size from this Device?

But it’s not limited to that.

Not to mention you increase the width (girth) at the same time.

If you just want a bigger penis, you can gain up to 3 inches, sometimes more depending on the person, by using these devices.

These penis extenders have been proven to work, so many Urologists are now prescribing them to patients to use when they have Peyronie’s.

It may sound too good to be true, but after you are done researching, you will know it makes sense just like 90% or urologists do.

Osteoporosis Overview as it Pertains to Men

Osteoporosis increases the risk of fracture due to a decrease in bone density.

The bones become fragile and can easily break at the slightest pressure.

In extreme cases, sneezing or slight bumps will cause a fracture.

The bones acquire a porous (sponge like) structure which is easily compressible.

This condition is characterized by too much bone loss or the formation of too little bone.

Normally bone density decreases with the increase in age. However, osteoporosis speeds up this process. Fractures take longer to heal in older people hence has a greater impact.

Women suffer from osteoporosis more than men and can develop at a younger age.

A person suffering from this condition will most likely acquire a stooped posture.

The disease often goes undetected until a broken bone is suffered. These fractures occur spontaneously without the affected person noticing. Hip, arm or leg bones are more likely to suffer a fracture while the spinal cord will collapse.

However, any of the other bones of the skeleton is at risk. Fractures limit mobility and increase the cost of taking care of the affected persons.

You can learn more from WebMD on this topic.

Men undergo a slower deterioration in bone density than women.

This is due to the fact men bones are larger than women hence have more bone reserves to draw from.

Therefore, the condition will become noticeable when a fracture happens and usually very late in life.

The risk factors that put men at risk to this disease include advanced age, cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, inactivity, a diet low in calcium, a deficiency in vitamin D, a family history of osteoporosis, low testosterone level and a continued use of steroids.

A professional diagnosis involves a measurement of the bone mineral density.

It is performed like an X-ray to measure the solidness and bone mass.

Beautiful female doctor analyzing x-ray with senior patient at small clinic.

This test measures the minerals in the bone to estimate how severe the condition is.

The information acquired will help plan for the treatment of the disease.

It can also be used to check how well the patient is responding to the treatment being administered.

Men over the age of seventy years are usually recommended to take this test to provide an early detection and treatment of the condition.

Men who suffer from fractures at the age of fifty and above are also recommended for this test.

Preventive Measures to Take:

Preventative measures to ward off osteoporosis include bone- strengthening before the age of thirty years.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle inclusive of exercise and a diet rich in calcium will help fight off osteoporosis. Vitamin D deficiency leads to a decrease in absorption of dietary calcium in the body.

This decrease of calcium in the body will lead to bone resorption to meet this deficit.

The result will be a decrease in bone mass. Supplement your diet with these essential elements to build your bone mass.

Since this condition occurs in older men, it is important to avoid factors that can cause one to fall.

Regular exercise will increase stamina and boost self-confidence.

The Treatment of Ostereoperosis in Men

Treatment of osteoporosis involves the use of drugs to slow bone loss and accelerate the production of new bone tissue.

These drugs include bisphophonates. These drugs should only be taken following a doctor’s prescription.

Hormonal products can be recommended in low testosterone cases. Regular exercise, adequate levels of calcium and vitamin D are important in fighting osteoporosis hence should be maintained concurrently with the treatment.

All About Erectile Dysfunction Causes, Signs and Treatment Options

One is said to be ridden with erectile dysfunction (ED) if he is unable to sustain an erection good enough to perform sexual activity. This problem is also known as impotence and is different from other men’s sexual health issues like premature ejaculation, lack of interest in getting romantically intimate or unable to ejaculate etc.

The dysfunction may affect at any age. However, erectile dysfunction is common in elder aged males as they may possess health problems leading to this condition. Treatment options are available for impotence in form of medications and surgeries or other therapies. Males can buy some tablets to get rid of this condition and get a hard on firm for an excellent lovemaking.

The Commonly-Known Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Injury to penile organ or nerves, low blood circulation to male reproductive area, certain medicine side effects, diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, prostate cancer surgery, cardiovascular diseases, anxiety, obesity, low testosterone, abusing alcohol, regular smoking, etc are the reasons to erectile dysfunction.

However, with proper medication you can improve blood flow to the penile area, which helps in giving erection in presence of sexual stimulation.

Other causes are:

  • Disability of muscles or tissues in male’s reproductive area
  • nervous system disorder
  • high cholesterol
  • metabolic syndrome
  • atherosclerosis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • sleep disorders
  • multiple sclerosis
  • spinal cord surgery
  • mental health conditions like relationship issues
  • work stress
  • low confidence

You can get medication tablets to erode health conditions that restrict blood vessels walls from carrying blood to male reproductive system and achieve erection.

Easy-to-Spot Erectile dysfunction Signs and Symptoms

The most prominent sign of erectile dysfunction is inability to keep a firm erection for having sex.

Erectile dysfunction may not mean that the person loses the power of ejaculation of and sexual desire.

The male will still get orgasm, but his penile organ will have difficulty remaining hard for romantic intimacy. One needs to talk to their doctor if they have diabetes, heart disease, weight issues, and high blood pressure to get screened for erectile dysfunction.

Tests for mental health will reveal signs of psychological disorders resulting impotence.

You can expect the physician to ask personal and health related question while conducting physical examination for affirm the cause and symptoms.

The doctor can prescribe you tablets to get temporary solution to erectile dysfunction and address the root cause with other treatments and medications.

Critical Treatments to Consider for ED

Few lifestyle upgrades will help get treated for impotence.

You may be required to quit tobacco, drugs and limit intake of alcohol.

Avoid cholesterol containing edibles, fatty meals and stick to healthy diet. Exercise regularly, manage stress and sleep well.

Doctors often tries to use less-invasive procedures initially to bring positive effects.

Counseling for psychological health, relation can also be a part of the treatment procedure.

Injected medicines to male reproductive organ are one of the methods.

Penile organ implant or testosterone replacement (if necessary) may also be a technique to get away from erectile dysfunction.

You can experiment with vacuum device to sustain a hard on.

A combination of therapies can be undertaken to completely erase erectile dysfunction.

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate and How to Treat It

What is an Enlargened Prostate?

An enlarged prostate is a result of the accumulation of male hormones inside the prostate gland.

The hormones are accumulated as men ages. So this is just a normal change in men’s body when they grow old. Though enlarged prostate is just common, its symptoms can be very wearisome.

An enlarged prostate is a condition that is common in older men, usually over the age of 40, is benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate

It has been discovered that a fourth of all men will have some form of the swollen prostate by the time they reach the age of 50.

However, it is in a small number of cases that hyperplasia will be severe enough to require a surgical procedure or medicines. Either way, an enlarged prostate is very uncomfortable and painful so it is not a condition that should go undiagnosed.

The main symptoms of an enlarged prostate are dribbling and thinning of urine stream, pain while voiding and frequent urination.

These symptoms must be managed early to prevent complications like urinary tract infection and in severe cases, it could be kidney damage.

Inflammation and infection may result from these symptoms.

That’s why other symptoms may arise from these. They are body malaise, weight loss, inflammation and redness of the testes, feeling of fatigue and weight loss.

Though until now there is no primary treatment to reverse the condition, the primary focused on enlarged prostate treatment is to alleviate the symptoms as well as shrink the prostate gland. Enlarged prostate medication includes NSAIDs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and analgesics.

Are you looking for treatments for enlarged prostate? Do you have any idea on what you should be looking for in a good remedy? Let’s discuss enlarged prostate treatment and other natural remedies here below.

The Common Treatments for Enlargened Prostates

Treatments for an enlarged prostate include prostate-shrinking drugs, herbal supplements, home remedies and surgery.

The surgical procedure for enlarged prostate is called TURP. In this procedure, the doctor makes a cut in the prostate gland removing the build-up inside.

In cases or surgery, there can be a risk for having a more serious infection or in some cases, irreversible impotence.

Drug regimen includes NSAIDS or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics and pain relievers or analgesics. Some doctors also prescribe paracetamol to relieve flu-like symptoms which often accompanies enlarged prostate.

These drugs often have side effects like stomach upset, nausea and vomiting.

Enlarged prostate in some men doesn’t necessarily require medication but only home remedies.

It includes warm bath for 15 minutes and altering lifestyle and diet. Modifying the precipitating factors may help you alleviate the condition.

Factors that can trigger or precipitate the condition include salty diet, lack of exercise, obesity, cigarette smoking and alcohol abuse.

Altering your lifestyle may help you prevent the progression of the problem.

Stress can also trigger the condition. Decreasing stress levels like relaxation exercises can also help you out.

Male prostate anatomy

How a Doctor Can Help You Out

Most men with prostate problems often choose to use supplements to help shrink their prostates.

Supplements for prostate problems are said to be safer to use. Just look for the one which is well-known and has been in the industry for a long time.

This measure will protect you from frauds.

Asking your doctor about enlarged prostate medication and supplements is also a must.

Your doctor knows what is best for your condition. He might even prescribe you some of these natural remedies. Don’t make a wrong decision in self-medicating. Pick the safest and most effective enlarged prostate treatment.

Are Penis Extenders Painful? The Truth About Penis Extenders

Why you might presume penis extenders are painful.

Thus, now that we know that this approach is proven, let us investigate the glaring issue on our minds: Are penis extenders debilitating? Are they practical to use?

When you hear that, you instantly cringe in the discomfort and pain that would result from this kind of act.

In the event you’ve already got a fundamental idea of what penis extenders are about, then, you will know your dick will likely be elongated in what is called a “traction place” for long periods of time.

Well, despite the ridiculousness of it’s, why would we wish to stretch our penis like that? For size increases?

The reality is, this method of dick has been proven in studies and many medical journals.

I also believed it was a bit absurd.

Are penis extenders even worth the time and effort?

More insight on what it’s like to wear a dick extender.

They’re just painful in case you use them incorrectly.

As we’ll go into depth later in this article, we will say it right off the bat: If you are feeling pain, you are utilizing the penis extender incorrectly.

This probably largest of the many misconceptions around dick extender apparatus.

Here’s the truth about the time demanded.

This is a condition of wearing a penis extender to see gains: You have to wear the dick extender for 4 – 6 hours a day.

The reason for this is because the fastening strap or wrap that supports the member in the stretch posture is squeezing down on your dick, which keeps urine from coming out.

Even youngsters put up with wearing them.

Consequently should take this fact into careful consideration when selecting a penis extender – you would like to pick the one which gives the fastest removal and assembly when you have to use the restroom.

Of course, you’d think that would become annoying or burdensome, but you must remember, wearing a penis extender really should not be painful in the very first place, if you wear it for long periods of time, so it shouldn’t actually matter!

What happens when it’s necessary to use the toilet?

Just don’t forget, there are painful medical procedures that people need to put up with like wearing dental braces.

When you have to make use of the toilet, you must get the dick extender away.

Can we actually use pain to inform us of our usage?

However, this signal is quite basic and primitive in nature.

To put it differently, you are really damaging your body as well as your body knows to fix it back more powerful as an all-natural shield in response to the damaging.

In the instance of muscle buildlng (getting muscle mass), you are really breaking down the muscle – creating little, micro tears in the muscle tissue, so that the body is able to repair these tissues with more muscle cells (hypertrophy).

When you workout, you’re using stress to your body – physical on joints, bones, and your muscles, in addition to mental.

The Trick: It is sort of like fooling your body to gain mass.

So here ‘s a more exact statement regarding pain in the context of penis extenders and penis enlargement.

Is what your member assumed to do influenced by making use of a penis extender?

I say that because when you are going for a jog or lifting weights, yes you experience pain.

Don’t forget, your consciousness and your brain isn’t responsible for building muscle, it’s all results of development that do, physical responses and the fundamental compounds.

The level of the pain is essential in determining if something isn’t right.

Considerations with penis extenders and urination.

That’s definitely a red flag that something you are doing isn’t quite right, whether there are issues.

Granted, you can’t urinate while wearing the penis extender, but after you take it off, there should be no difficulties whatsoever.

Wearing a penis extender shouldn’t make a difference in your eligibility to urinate or use the bathroom.

One penis extender that does that particularly well is the PhalloGauge penis extender which we may review eventually.

Assuming you have accurately using your dick extender, you have any difficulties during sex, or shouldn’t have a problem getting an erection, maintaining one.

Nevertheless, you may want to check our article on porn-induced erectile dysfunction to check up on yourself whether you do think you have problems getting an erection.

Dick extenders are the least of your troubles.

Here’s the down-low on exactly what it’s like to wear a penis extender.

Since this really is probably the greatest misconception with dick extenders, it’s eye-opening as soon as you comprehend this.

That means your not pulling it so hard that it is debilitating or like you’re trying to win a tug-o-war match.

In the event you pick the right dick extender (particularly the ones designed for day-to-day multitasking), you can essentially go about your whole day typically without any hindrance.

And you do.

Now, given the yank is mild, it actually is a distinctive sensation that isn’t completely comfortable – after all, the most comfortable isn’t pulling on your dick.

However, the key point is that the reach is gentle and somewhat more than it takes to keep your dick in a place that is completely elongated.

The point to realize is that it’s not debilitating.

Wearing a dick extender involves a continuous reach on your own organ – I’m certain you have got that by now.

Since the gentle tug is for 4-6 hours a day (not that much), it’s actually exceptionally practical to wear one, particularly since all men have at least .7 inches to gain inside of them.