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Jelqing Exercises and Routines for a Solid Penis Girth Gain

man doing jelqing

Jelqing Exercises and Routines for a Solid Penis Girth Gain

A lot of my patients have come to me asking about jelqing and its effectiveness.

On the whole, I can highly recommend it due to the minimal risk factor and marginal benefit it provides.

If you’re looking for a reliable jelqing routine, I highly recommend checking out PhalloGauge Medical’s jelqing exercises.

Jelqing is fantastic because it generally does not actually require money to buy a product or anything like that.

However, it costs time and energy, and some focused attention.

You definitely want to find a safe, private space to do jelqing exercises.

Doing jelqs everyday is key.

Many guys typically jelq in their room or if they reside alone, just about any accepted place within their house/apartment.

So why jelq? The main benefit is a significant increase in girth.

Jelqing is a type of penis exercise that causes mini tears in your penis tissue and pushes blood more thoroughly through the penis tissues.

The result is a pure increase in girth that can last for a really long time.

Does Jelqing Work?

It sure does!

Since well as certain communities in the medical domain acknowledge jelqing, especially ones that I’ve worked with.

There is also a large online community that can testify to their results as well.

These two communities combined with their similar results would indicate that jelqing is indeed effective.

The Exact Steps to Complete a Jelqing Exercise Repetition

Jelqing is super easy to do and can be done in 5 steps shown below:

  1. Use Lubricating oil on your penis like coconut oil, or water-based lubricants.
  2. Form an OK-grip along with your index hand and thumb, around the base of the penis.
  3. Take about 3 seconds to slide your grip up the penis shaft, begining from the base of your penis and stopping right before the glans.
  4. Stop just before the glans.
  5. Point and duplicate your penis at various perspectives and commence your OK-grip at various angles. Additionally use your other side to obtain angles which are different are difficult to do with one other hand.

What’s the Benefit of Jelqing?

The main reason is the penis enlargement results gained.

But here are some other reasons why:

  • It gives stronger, fuller, healthier erections.
  • It’s pretty easy doing, you can split a number of your attention on something else that’s light, e.g. You can observe television while both tactile fingers do the jelqing.
  • It primarily targets girth gains (not length). Women prefer girth for pleasure over length.
  • However, some length gains could be observed due towards the pulling-nature of this jelqing method.
  • It encourages distribution of nutrient-rich bloodstream to all or any regarding the penile cells, that is directly accountable to hyperplasia (increasing number of cells in your tissue that is penile).

What Do Jelqing Exercises Consist of?

Jelqing is a shaft-stroking penis exercise that causes expanding tears in your penis tissue.

These tears heal up stronger than before and the end result is more physical size.

Jelqing exercises use a stroking motion to force nutrient-rich blood into your penis, while additionally stretching it, to boost size.

This is an easy, but effective, four-step exercise, performed while the penis is at a 50-75% erection level.

As you gain more experience jelqing, the erection level can be increased up to the 90% level.

Other Things to Make Sure You Do in Your Jelqing Routine

Minimize skin irritation by using a lubricant.

I can’t stress this enough.

Dry jelqing, that will be jelqing devoid of a lubricant is a recipe for disaster.

It increases the risk of rashes that are developing skin of your penis which are irritating and painful.

Another explanation to work with a lubricant is basically because it enables your surface shaft skin to not get in the way.

That is, you don’t want your penis skin to roll up with the jelq stroke motion.

Instead, you want it to slide over!

Not only is this uncomfortable, but you must ensure an even, smooth stroke to get the jelqing results you’re looking for.

Add in the utilization of the jelqing lubricant and you’ll get yourself a nice routine that is also pleasurable from start to finish – and no pulling of skin and because each part of the main shaft is hit evenly.

A very popular lubricant to use is coconut oil.

This permits your fingers to slide up and down the shaft extremely easily without being too rough in your shaft skin. Other water based lubricants work just as well. A few of these lubricants would be used as also sex lubricant services and products.

Olive oil could be the most lubricant that is use that is popular it’s therefore accessible, especially if you have experience cooking.

Essential olive oil has a great deal of superior properties. As an example it’s advantageous to the epidermis so when consumed (like in cooking) it’s good for increasing heart wellness.

Another oil is canola oil.

But honestly, olive oil is much better due to the better lubricant properties and health benefits when it is absorbed into the penis tissue.

Thus, it could be worth every penny to just involve some oil that is olive the home for these utility that is various – like AA batteries.

If you stick with these few recommendations, you can’t go wrong and you’ll be doing your wallet a favor.

That’s because you don’t really have to dedicate money to the buying of oil – you can just use whatever spare oil you have for cooking!

Should I Sit or Stand When Jelqing?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter.

Just maintain the positioning that is most that is comfortable jelqing.

This implies you are either sitting or standing considering whichever you personal preference.

There isn’t a benefit or disadvantage to standing vs. sitting.

Some individuals find if they are standing they will get a much better circulation for their penis.

Some people choose to view TV or do other activity that is inactive will not require that much attention, so that they’ll sit down. Once more this is perfectly fine.

Since most guys jelq in front of their computer looking “arousing” images – they will be sitting when doing so.

Everybody is different therefore after a sessions that are few you should already have an concept as to what human anatomy and posture place you like.

How Hard You Should Maintain Your Erection when Jelqing

We highly recommend that you intend to maintain an erection degree between 50% and 80% for jelqing exercises.

Or jelqers which are experienced do jelqing while keeping a 80 to 90% erection level.

However, if you have any pain you should either stop jelqing or sleep a bit to reduce your erection level.

That’s why maintaining a certain erection degree is somewhat challenging and in addition requires you appear closely at the human body. That is why you can’t completely multitask when jelqing that is performing.

For many guys, they’re going to naturally obtain a harder and harder erection as they continue along making use of their jelqing session.

You shall discover that jelqing insurance firms a high erection degree shall is actually more painful since you’re integrating more force on your penis, whenever the blood is already completely moved to the penis.

The cause of not jelqing having a 100% full erection is basically because when there is no need a complete erection, your cells on top of your penis continue to be versatile and can train more effortlessly. This directly is important in gains which are girth.

Don’t jelq with a 100% complete erection — it is not required.

Jelqing Left, Right, Up and Down and Everywhere in Between

Jelqing angle is fairly important but is something a lot of men overlook and ignore.

Ideally, you want to jelq and pull the penis in all 360 directions.

There are a couple of perspectives that are common people will stroke towards.

Stroking downward particularly contributes to size since it is this certain part of the penis that’s the shortest and is the bottleneck in flaccid and length that is erect.

Stroking upward targets the muscle tissue and ligaments underneath your penis. Stroking targets being downward tissues and ligaments on the most truly effective of your penis.

Therefore, despite the fact that the jelq that is downward is slightly harder to hit, we very recommend you overcompensate by doing more reps which are downward upward.

That is least (50-60 reps) jelqing with a downward swing should you choose 100 reps, aim to do at half.

Just remember to hit all angles and you should be good.

How to Avoid Making Mistakes During Your Jelqing Routine

While jelqing is truly a really simple to get the hang of, most guys will make mistakes doing it.

These blunders can set back your jelqing results, and end in lots than frustration due to squandered time maybe not gaining.

This mistake is none other than doing each jelqing rep for the whole 5 seconds.

Why is this this such a big mistake?

Well, consider what happens whenever you only take 1 to 2 seconds doing each rep.

Which means that you’re not having the blood push outwards on your tissue that is own that penile for long.

Imagine you’re at the gym and you are doing the full-range of motion for the reps for your bench press.

Your pectoral size-gains are smaller than someone who was doing full reps.

As it applies to jelqing exercisese, it doesn’t allow your penile cells to get fully trained since its not going through the motions.

The result? The size gains are short-term and negligible.

For instance, whether it is a rep that is squat you aren’t going since low you can. Or if it is a neck press rep, you’re not bringing the loads down as low as possible.

These are lazy reps.

It is possible to begin getting into the bad practice of accomplishing quick jelq reps (bad) it much attention because say you are watching television you are not spending since you have got impatient or.

Therefore, you must form habits which are good you’re starting out.

We very suggest going since far as timing each rep to actually allow you to feel along with your hands and penis shaft roughly where whenever both hands should be once they undoubtedly are moving up the shaft.

You will definitely you will be wasting considerable time within the future if you do not correct this mistake now.

If you’re confused why you should just back try this arrive at the balloon analogy above – you need to keep carefully the penis in the “expanded” state as long as feasible to train your cells to adjust to it.

Jelqing Exercises Summarized

Remember, jelqing is a blood-pushing exercise that is excellent do after manual stretching exercises.

You might many be flaccid when you start your jelqing session so always to get your erection level up to at least a 50% hardness level.

The people with no erectile dysfunction should not have a problem with this. If you do have trouble getting “hard” – watch some arousing material to get there quicker.

The lubricant you use is also helpful in the sense that it also provides external stimulation to help your boner.

You may notice your girth will temporarily increase while jelqing. The jelqing that is constant and sessions will mount up to quickly contribute up to a fuller, wider penis (girth gains).

As you’re counting your reps or time that is keeping you’ll notice that your penis will be red – this could be as a complete result of combination of all for the blood pushed in to the penis combined utilizing the fact you’re rubbing against your penis epidermis.

Generally speaking, this may be good because you’re training your penis.

Always remember to jelq for the full length of the penis shaft. Doing any less is actually wasting your time.

Don’t get sluggish and get lazy.

You’ll want to push bloodstream through the space that is entire is whole of penis to train most of it and optimize your gains.

When your done along with your jelqing session, your penis will be in quite an declare that is increased.

Should you, make sure you continue to utilize lubricant and don’t fit difficult on your personal penis you are able to masturbate, but if you want.

Squeezing kills sensitiveness so don’t squeeze too hard. Think “milk” and “stroke”.

Additionally, loose underwear is advised after having a jelqing session. Simply take to to allow it all hang loose to let the penis grow and recover.

Jelqing is basically the “poor-man’s” option to penis pumps.

How Dangerous is Testicular Cancer? How to Detect and Prevent It

Testicular cancer can be a huge problem for males in their late adult life.

The main reason simply because this type of cancer really affects the pride and joy of every male’s body.

In the primary stages of testicular cancer, many people might attribute the potential testicular cancer symptoms to some other cause.

They are going to consider that mild pain in the stomach to be constipation or indigestion, and the pain in the lower portion of the back to be potential lumbago.

In the same manner, the pain in your legs is because you have been walking around so much.

These are some of the excuses given to themselves by people who are not willing to admit the fact that these might be potential testicle cancer symptoms.

How Does Testicular Cancer Affect Your Sex Life?

Apart from that, if you happen to be a person with a healthy sex life and suddenly found yourself losing interest in any sort of sexual activity over a long period, you might want to go and see the doctor.

Another testicular cancer symptom is the presence of blood in semen.

This needs to be diagnosed and set right immediately.

Do not wait.

Many cases of cancer have become potentially fatal, just because the patient disregarded the symptoms.

The idea of “this cannot happen to me, I am healthy,” is not something which is a very healthy outlook, either physical or mental. So, it is much better to err on the safer side, than to disregard, what can potentially be fatal if it spreads to other parts of the body.

You might be rather shy, going to the doctor and telling him your symptoms; this is going to be the case, if you are just 16 and imagine that he is going to laugh at you.

That is not true.

He is going to diagnose your symptoms, look at the extent to which the disease has spread, and then give you the best treatment to make sure that you live long and prosper.

Doctors need to be informed about all these or any of these symptoms as soon as possible so that they can treat you accordingly.

Many potential patients are rather shy of going and telling the doctor about the symptoms because they think that it is going to have an adverse effect on their future sex life. But better sense needs to prevail, and the doctor needs to know the extent to which cancer has spread.

Besides, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have worked miracles in a significant number of such cases.

What Does Testicular Cancer Look Like?

It is going to take the shape of mild pain in your stomach, and groin region.

You might also find a change in the shape of the testicles.

This is probably the biggest, easiest indicator to detect the cancer.

One testicle might grow abnormally and out of proportion because there is a cancerous growth.

There is also going to be a simultaneous and proportional shrinking of the other testicle. That is because all the blood going into the groin area is going to be soaked up by the cancerous tissue in the testicle.

You might also want to look for hydroceles in the scrotum.

It means that the scrotum is going to swell up with excess fluid, which cannot be accounted for.

These are some of the testicular cancer systems, which need to be checked, diagnosed, and then treated as soon as possible.

What are the Official Statistics of Testicular Cancer?

There are about 8000 people in the US itself suffering from testicular cancer.

The age group most affected by this sort of cancer is the 15 — 42 age group.

There have been cases of small children also suffering from testicular cancer, but that is because this cancerous growth is inherited.

So if you are genetically susceptible to such cancer with a couple of numbers and your family suffering from it, you need to look out for testicle cancer symptoms.