A Different Kind of Penis Extender: The PhalloGauge

What is the PhalloGauge penis extender?

The PhalloGauge is like the QuickExtender Pro and SizeGenetics penis extenders, in that, they are medical devices used to stretch the penis to therapeutically induce an increase in length and straightening of undesired curvatures.

The PhalloGauge is one of the few devices that is manufactured and sold in the United States so this is a huge convenience factor for U.S. citizens (no more importing from Europe!).

In fact, the inventor of it is Dr. Jeff Ferrara, MD and I had the pleasure of working with him as a colleague in the medical community for a brief period.

PhalloGauge is simply unique.

The only one that comes close in terms of design is the Phallosan penis extender.

However, there’s one thing that distinguishes it from the Phallosan (and especially every single extender on the market):

It’s Simplicity.

That’s right – this extender is both simple but extremely functional and effective.

This item delivers a simple wrap that is yet effective waist gear design that easily stretches your penis past its normal range. A few points that are positive its ease of use, comfort, and the ability to pull the penis without the slippage issues connected with main-stream extenders.

The Parts that the PhalloGauge comes with:

These are the parts that come with every PhalloGauge product order

  • Silicone wrap with hook
  • Elastic belt with velcro strap
  • Black foam loop that goes around penis shaft.
  • Instructions manual

The Advertised Features:

Here are the following features that are exclusive to the PhalloGauge.

Essentially, these are what allow it to blow it’s competition out of the water and set itself apart.

  • Stealthy. You can wear it secretly practically anywhere – even if someone grabbed your crotch, they still couldn’t feel it.
  • Materials: plastic, nylon, Velcro, silicone, and ABS plastic
  • Accommodates penis sizes from roughly 2 inches on up
  • Can be worn under clothing.
  • The foam loop fits nearly every penis size.
  • Made and shipped from the United States.
  • 100% Freedom of movement.
  • Lightweight.
  • Completely adjustable.

Use and Results

I wasn’t sure what to anticipate from it when I first saw the PhalloGauge device.

I’ve heard a lot about it, but I really need to make up my mind for myself with as little bias as possible.

However, it only took one attempt to recognize that this system surely works and that it has some benefits that are distinct other extenders; those advantages include the following:

It definitely has a quicker and easier adjustment that most penis extenders.

No debate here.

Slippage is now practically non-existant – no more device malfunctions that lead to wardrobe malfunctions.

One size-fits all so that you don’t have to measure or buy specific sized parts.

This is great because when you get it, you’ll know that it will work.

Like I said earlier, freedom of motion is completely possible with PhalloGauge, that is, you’ll be able to walk and run anywhere and sit in any position comfortably without it slipping off.

Instructions for Putting on the PhalloGauge

The user’s manual is online and it let you know to put the penis with the silicone material. The step that is close to place the black ring across the base of your shaft. I found that it’s actually easier to put the ring on first. This is because the ring does not extend easily and is more work to get over the place. It’s not just a deal that is big i do believe my way is quicker and takes less work.

The nylon that is stiff found under the silicone wrap should remain in place and helps in anchoring the penis.

After the ring and silicone wrap is in position, you connect the ends which are free. Make sure you position the clasp/hook precisely to avoid breaking or bending it.

Final adjustments are made via the Velcro cycle on the hook end of the waist belt.

What it’s like to Wear the PhalloGauge

Wearing the extender is surprisingly comfortable. What appeared like an easy method that is strange extend your penis turned into a pleasant experience sufficient reason for less issues than many extenders I have tried.

Straps and nooses discovered on other enlargers may remember to get accustomed to however so with this product. The PhalloGauge method of attachment just works and I never ever had any slipping or over tightening dilemmas. Area of the reason for its success may be the surface that is big covered by the silicone wrap; this holds the penis firmly and comfortably.

We discovered no faults with this specific enlargement technique and when you might think it directly or down about it, pulling your penis to 1 side or one other is little different than pulling. As long it evenly and the cells and ligaments are increasingly being stretched, that’s all you really need as you are doing. Honestly though, there’s no reason why this wouldn’t be as potent as any other extender as it basically does the point that is same.

The only hitch that is potential can see when utilizing this product is making sure that the penis is stretched equally in both guidelines. This might not be a challenge that is huge but it seems in my experience that it could be better to alternate directions with every use.

Additionally worth mentioning is the fact that this revolutionary product fits very well under pants, shorts, or whatever. By design, PhalloGauge keeps your penis up against your human anatomy which in effect makes utilizing it very inconspicuous.

Again, because of the way the system fits and holds you, it provides you with motion that is full. You can flex, stay, and run or jog if you wish to. Decide to try doing that with a extender that is conventional!

Pros and cons of the PhalloGauge

The advantages are as follows:

  • Functions well.
  • Convenient than expected.
  • Simple adjustment.
  • Does not restrict human body movement.

While the negatives are minimal, I would prefer that the hook be a little bit thicker and more sturdy.

The Final Verdict on the PhalloGauge penis extender

I’m excited about the PhalloGauge extender! I find it way more convenient than any other unit that is extending ever used. It is additionally a improvement that is definite comparable stretchers that we’ve seen – much more refined.

PhalloGauge’s simple, non-restrictive design in fact is become considered if you’re looking for a great method to include length.

Check out the PhalloGauge extender here.

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