How Dangerous is Testicular Cancer? How to Detect and Prevent It

Testicular cancer can be a huge problem for males in their late adult life.

The main reason simply because this type of cancer really affects the pride and joy of every male’s body.

In the primary stages of testicular cancer, many people might attribute the potential testicular cancer symptoms to some other cause.

They are going to consider that mild pain in the stomach to be constipation or indigestion, and the pain in the lower portion of the back to be potential lumbago.

In the same manner, the pain in your legs is because you have been walking around so much.

These are some of the excuses given to themselves by people who are not willing to admit the fact that these might be potential testicle cancer symptoms.

How Does Testicular Cancer Affect Your Sex Life?

Apart from that, if you happen to be a person with a healthy sex life and suddenly found yourself losing interest in any sort of sexual activity over a long period, you might want to go and see the doctor.

Another testicular cancer symptom is the presence of blood in semen.

This needs to be diagnosed and set right immediately.

Do not wait.

Many cases of cancer have become potentially fatal, just because the patient disregarded the symptoms.

The idea of “this cannot happen to me, I am healthy,” is not something which is a very healthy outlook, either physical or mental. So, it is much better to err on the safer side, than to disregard, what can potentially be fatal if it spreads to other parts of the body.

You might be rather shy, going to the doctor and telling him your symptoms; this is going to be the case, if you are just 16 and imagine that he is going to laugh at you.

That is not true.

He is going to diagnose your symptoms, look at the extent to which the disease has spread, and then give you the best treatment to make sure that you live long and prosper.

Doctors need to be informed about all these or any of these symptoms as soon as possible so that they can treat you accordingly.

Many potential patients are rather shy of going and telling the doctor about the symptoms because they think that it is going to have an adverse effect on their future sex life. But better sense needs to prevail, and the doctor needs to know the extent to which cancer has spread.

Besides, radiotherapy and chemotherapy have worked miracles in a significant number of such cases.

What Does Testicular Cancer Look Like?

It is going to take the shape of mild pain in your stomach, and groin region.

You might also find a change in the shape of the testicles.

This is probably the biggest, easiest indicator to detect the cancer.

One testicle might grow abnormally and out of proportion because there is a cancerous growth.

There is also going to be a simultaneous and proportional shrinking of the other testicle. That is because all the blood going into the groin area is going to be soaked up by the cancerous tissue in the testicle.

You might also want to look for hydroceles in the scrotum.

It means that the scrotum is going to swell up with excess fluid, which cannot be accounted for.

These are some of the testicular cancer systems, which need to be checked, diagnosed, and then treated as soon as possible.

What are the Official Statistics of Testicular Cancer?

There are about 8000 people in the US itself suffering from testicular cancer.

The age group most affected by this sort of cancer is the 15 — 42 age group.

There have been cases of small children also suffering from testicular cancer, but that is because this cancerous growth is inherited.

So if you are genetically susceptible to such cancer with a couple of numbers and your family suffering from it, you need to look out for testicle cancer symptoms.


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