X4 Labs Penis Extender Product Analysis

Bringing you another analysis of a very popular item on the men’s health marketplace: The X4 Labs Penis Extender

A long penis that has a wide girth is every man’s dream.

With one, a man is able to satisfy all the sexual desires of their partner.

It comes with better stamina and sexual desire.

Having a big penis makes a man feel manly and improves the self esteem and respect. So, would you like to have a big penis? The x4 Lab penis extender is the product to use. But what is this product?

What on Earth is the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

The X4 penis extender is a traction device whose development is backed by scientific research.

It is developed by X4 medicals and is one of the most comfortable penis extenders ever developed.

There are different kinds of extenders that fit penises of any shape and size.

Whether you suffer from micro penis or Peyronie’s disease, there is an extender that will be ideal for you.

The Various Parts of the X4 Extender

The x4 labs penis extender has a base ring, tension bars and the head piece.

The X4 Labs extenders come with a 3 in 1 hybrid support.

There are 8 patent pending slots that offer a good fit and support system.

There is also a 4 slot hybrid support where fasteners are held to increase the stability and comfort. For short penises there is a long 8 slots support available. There are different types of fasteners that one can use to firmly secure the extender in place.

These are dual silicone tubes, dual comfort straps and dual UltraFit Velcro.

The antibacterial memory foam used in the extender makes it very gentle on the penile skin.

The standard base included in this device has a big room of up to 6 inches in girth.

For bigger girths they can get bigger bases sold separately. There is a spring that is to be used to create tension needed. The springs used are very strong and provide a tension that is easily adjustable.

How does the x4 lab penis extender work?

It applies the principle of traction.

For it to work, it needs to be placed on the penis with the shaft’s end going through the tension bar’s top towards the head piece.

Just behind the head of the organ is the rubber strap which tightens securing the device. The elongation rods should then be turned in the clockwise direction and the penis will be stretched. The device needs to be used for about six hours a day.

It can be won even during the day as a man goes on with his day to day activities since it tags the penis downwards and no one will notice it.

What is the Science Between the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

With the constant stretching, the cells on the penile tissue are stimulated.

In reaction the cells undergo cell division which causes the production of many cells. The increase in the cells making up the tissue results in an increase in size. The length and girth of the penis is hence increased with the use of this device.

How long should you wait to see any significant results?

This will depend on how long you wear it on a daily basis. With the recommended use, men can expect to gain 40% length (about 4.5cm) and 25% in thickness in 6 months. Another benefit is the correction of curved penis. The results are permanent.

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